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Sunday Obligation

Must Catholics Attend Mass Every Sunday? An Article by Scott Windsor A short and simple “yes” is in order for that question, though it’s a bit deeper than that. What are the ramifications for a Catholic who does not attend … Continue reading

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Anathema Defined

> > a·nath·e·ma > > n. pl. a·nath·e·mas> > 1. A formal ecclesiastical ban, curse, or excommunication.> >> > (MLA citation)> > “anathema.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the> > English Language, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin> > Company, 2004. 28 … Continue reading

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Leaven or Unleavened?

From a discussion in CDF:Sandra has challenged Dana to document that the LatinChurch has always used unleavened bread. That too hasbeen (and remains) my belief as well. Does this meanthe Latin Church ALWAYS used unleavened bread? No!There may have been … Continue reading

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Ave Maria – Gratia Plena The CathApol Blog is a portal to the forums hosted by A.C.T.S. the American Catholic Truth Society.

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