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Roman Catholicism and James White

It has been quite a while since I responded to one of James White’s articles, but this one caught my eye and I felt I could not let it pass: Why “Roman Catholic” is Accurate, and Merely “Catholic” is Not … Continue reading

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Canon of Sacred Scripture

One thing Protestants SHOULD find easy to admit, but forsome reason do not – is the FACT that the Canon of SacredScripture came to them via the Catholic Church, as guidedby the Holy Ghost. There is no “inspired Table of … Continue reading

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Ectopic Pregnancy Abortion Morality

Ectopic Pregnancy Abortion Morality Recently in CDF we had a discussion regarding the morality of NFP v. Contraception and that led to a discussion on the morality of abortion, the participant, “Joe,” stated he opposed abortion in all cases except … Continue reading

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PreChristian Greek Canon

Some discussion has come up regarding the Jews having both a Hebrew text of Scripture and a Greek text – which was different in content as well as language. Many non-Catholics side with the Jews of the Christian era, who … Continue reading

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