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Happy New Year

Yesterday was the First Sunday in Advent – which is also the first day of the Liturgical Year for Catholics.  So… HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’ll also be posting shortly with more information on the Advent season. In JMJ,Scott<<< The CathApol … Continue reading

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LCMS Statement on Declared Righteousness

LP askes: > Scott,>> Thanks for sharing your former Lutheran background > in that you were born LCMS moved to WELS and now > with the Church of Rome.>> May I have a question? sw: Certainly. > When you were … Continue reading

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Romanism and Bigotry

Recently the discussion of the use of the terms “Romanist,” “Romish” and “Romanism” have been discussed here and elsewhere.  Several non-Catholic bloggers joined in to object to Dr. Beckwith’s blog entry on the subject, including myself.  Many Catholics have used … Continue reading

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Authority of the Church

In a recent post from Alan/Rhology on Beggars All, he said: >> sw: So you’re confirming (again) that your local>> church is acting like a “little magisterium” again.>> AR: Well, I’d agree that in this case it was a little> … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura and RC Sproul

I actually started this article a bit ago, but when the “Protestant Canon of Scripture” discussion started leaning toward a sola scriptura discussion, I held off a bit before posting it.  I post it now: (Source – if this changes, … Continue reading

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What the

All I can say is “what the heck” is this all about?! Former New Jersey Governor McGreevey (you remember him, the one from the truck-stop gay encounters, who left his wife, two kids and the Catholic Faith to be with … Continue reading

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Protestant Canon of Sacred Scripture

This entry is a continuation from here. The previous discussion was really about another topic initially and drifted to one about the Canon of Scripture – so rather than continue under the “Works and Grace” series, I am starting this … Continue reading

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