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Immaculate Conception

In a discussion from BattleACTS, a challenger brought up several verses regarding the Immaculate Conception and allegedly these verses contradict Catholic teaching on them.  Let us see… >MA said: And wouldn’t it be nice if the 5 times God tells … Continue reading

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Domine Non Sum Dignus

Along with other changes being proposed to the English vernacular, the domine non sum dignus is making a comeback too!  Existing Novus Ordo Latin:Domine, non sum dignus, ut intres sub tectum meum, sed tantum dic verbo,et sanabitur anima mea. Existing Novus Ordo … Continue reading

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Pro Multis

The question of “pro multis” is coming to the forefront again.  What is this exactly and why now?  Well, these are Latin terms which mean, literally, “for many” and there are changes to the Mass being proposed which should be … Continue reading

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Trail of Blood Misquote

After a participant on the Catholic Debate Forum (CDF) has recently been flaunting the alleged Cardinal Hosius quote found in the Trail of Blood collection of misinformation, I again sought out to find this elusive quote from Cardinal Hosius and the … Continue reading

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Bible Verses Defined By Catholic Church

The following are taken from Steve Ray’s site: The Church’s Interpretation of Scripture The Church has officially defined the interpretation for several passages of Scripture, but most people, Catholic or no, don’t realize it. When they do know this is … Continue reading

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