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Saul Alinsky

When I first heard that Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals” – allegedly the playbook used by folks like President Obama and Secretary Clinton – among others – contains a dedication to Lucifer, well I was skeptical.  How could the … Continue reading

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St. Augustine on Apologetics

   “If only the weak understanding of the ordinary man did not stubbornly resist the plain evidence of logic and truth!  If only it would, in its feeble condition, submit itself to the restorative medicine of sound teaching, until divine … Continue reading

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Easter Duty 2010 Last Chance!

Well, this coming Sunday is Pentecost Sunday!  This is your last chance to fulfill your “Easter Duty” if you have not done so already.   A reminder: CCC 2042 The first precept (“You shall attend Mass on Sundays and holy days … Continue reading

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Augustine on Peter

My thanks to Cathmom5 who has been presenting snippets from St. Augustine, here are some I’ve collected on St. Peter… “Number the bishops from the see of Peter itself. And in that order of Fathers see who succeeded whom, That … Continue reading

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A Challenge From Orthodoxy

From another forum, which since I’m leaving it, I will not advertise for them (for you will not be there long enough to continue responding).  My words will be in maroon.  An Orthodox person who goes by the nickname of … Continue reading

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St. Augustine on the Meaning of Suffering

Why do Catholics believe there is any merit in suffering?  Isn’t suffering just a punishment?  If you have suffering doesn’t it mean you lack faith?  What is the meaning of suffering? St. Augustine’s view of suffering seems to be the one … Continue reading

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St. Augustine discovers the Catholic Church

Lately, protestants posting on the net have tried to say the St. Augustine neither believed in a visible church nor supported the Catholic Church and her doctrines. Not only is this completely false but his love of and support of … Continue reading

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