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The Five Solas

We hear today of “The Five Solas” which are, Faith alone, Scripture alone, Christ alone, Grace alone and Glory to God alone.  So let us look first at a summary of these five “alones.”  Please note, the source I chose … Continue reading

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St. Thomas More on Luther

I have “lifted” this from BeggarsAll – because I thought it an interesting comment and my “response” doesn’t really “fit” with Swan’s sentiments.  Plus, if I’m going to respectfully disagree with an alleged statement by a Catholic Saint, I’ll do … Continue reading

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JRW Responses Page

Some discussions over on BeggarsAll got into discussing James White and my 2001 “debate” with him, live on his Dividing Line show.  I went to my James White Responses page and found my provider had restored that page to a … Continue reading

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Tradition Debate?

In a recent discussion on BeggarsAll – James Swan said:  “Romanists can tear down sola scriptura, but won’t positively defend Tradition in debate.”  To which I responded: “As for a Catholic being unwilling to take up the debate on tradition, … Continue reading

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