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Tertullian as an Ancient Witness to the Papacy

Tertullian as an Ancient Witness to the Papacy Article by Jamie Donald If, because the Lord has said to Peter, “Upon this rock will I build My Church,” “to you have I given the keys of the heavenly kingdom;” or, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Today marks the start of the ecclesial calendar with the Advent Season.  We eagerly await the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior during this season anticipating the Christ Mass and the season of Christ Mass (from … Continue reading

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First Sunday in Advent!

Wow!  Can you believe it?!  Advent is already upon us!  This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent this year.  I’ve provided numerous articles on Advent in the past. Here’s one for the First Sunday in Advent: And for all the … Continue reading

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Cafeteria Christians

Most Catholics have heard the terminology, “Cafeteria Catholics,” whereby they claim to be Catholics, but only accept things which are comfortable to them.  Often with things like artificial birth control, abortion, etc. such Cafeteria Catholics pick and choose how far … Continue reading

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Donation of Constantine (Part 2)

On BeggarsAll, Mr. Bugay has responded to my “Donation of Constantine” post/response, but has he really done so? Let the reader decide. Mr. Bugay’s words below are in green. I’ve wanted to get back to this topic not merely because … Continue reading

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Papacy and Steve Hays

Below is my response to Steve Hays who is responding to me, and the reader will note the tone with which he begins – ad hominem – which is invalid in debate and only reduces what he has to say … Continue reading

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Catholic Church named in AD 110

One of the things that made me laugh when I visited an Antiochian Orthodox Church last weekend was the silly statement our ignorant (e.g. Lacking education or knowledge) tour guide made. He actually stated that the Catholic Church “made up … Continue reading

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