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A Trilemma?

Lest I forget, let me wish you a Blessed 7th Day of Christmas as we begin… John Lollard (a pseudonym) has on his blog an article he believes challenges Catholic authority.  I believe his premise is flawed, so let us … Continue reading

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Blessed Christmas!

Well today, the 6th Day of Christmas, we have a White Christmas!  I woke up to about 6-8″ on the ground, and after checking with my associates at work, I decided not to risk the drive at 7:30am.  When I … Continue reading

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Swan on Luther and the IC

A Blessed Fifth Day of Christmas to all who are of good will… Just a quick note/response here for now.  James Swan has posted three more “parts” to his response to me on Luther and the Immaculate Conception.  He seems … Continue reading

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The Name of Christmas

Under the category of “Things that make you say, hmmm…” Have you ever noticed how many Christians get all offended that many merchants take “Christ out of Christmas” by using “X-mas?”  Or that some big chain stores insist their employees … Continue reading

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Twelve Days of Christmas

Today is December 27th, the “Third Day of Christmas!”  So, Merry Christmas!  Remember, THIS is the Season of Christmas and it lasts until Epiphany – which is January 6th.  The days prior to December 25th were days of penance and … Continue reading

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Bishop Olmsted on St. Joseph’s Hospital

Bishop Olmsted (who happens to be my bishop too) has spoken out and has removed the “Catholic” status from St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. He did this because an abortion was performed there to “save the life of the … Continue reading

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Why Was It Necessary for Christ to be Born of a Virgin?

Merry Christmas!  Or, shall we say a Blessed Christ Mass! First off, a Blessed Christ Mass to all those faithful Catholics in attendance at Mass this holy day of obligation.  Secondly, I pray for those separated brethren to reunite with … Continue reading

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