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Five Month Reprieve!

OK,  you have FIVE MORE MONTHS!  Harold Camping has announced in his “Open Forum” that the REAL date is October 21, 2011 – which is the “end date” he originally claimed (it’s not a “new date” as some are saying – … Continue reading

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Called By Name

Last Sunday (May 15) in the Ordinary Rite it was “Good Shepherd Sunday,” (it was the Sunday before last in the Extra-Ordinary Rite) and the Gospel reading was as follows: Jesus said:“Amen, amen, I say to you,whoever does not enter … Continue reading

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Here it is!  Judgment Day!  Well, according to false prophet Harold Camping it is today anyway.  Since “no man knows the hour” (Mark 13:32) there is NO WAY that Harold Camping knows!   And he claims to know, with certainty, that … Continue reading

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Eucharist Literal or Symbolic?

Steve Finnell writes on the topic of the “Lord’s Supper” (Eucharist) being literal or figurative (which Finnell equates to symbolic).  I’ve discussed this many times in the past, but let’s look at it again: THE LORD’S SUPPER—LITERAL OR FIGURATIVE? When … Continue reading

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One Day from Judgment Day!

OK,  well “Judgment Day” is only ONE DAY AWAY!  OK, that’s according to the already proven false prophet, Harold Camping.  Again, as I said previously, be ready – but don’t be surprised when the huge earthquake which Camping predicts does … Continue reading

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Infallible Canon of Scripture

Steve Hays writes on Triablogue: i) Catholics are fond of quoting Sproul’s adage about how the canon is a fallible collection of infallible books. They make a big deal about how the Bible doesn’t list its contents. As I’ve pointed … Continue reading

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Two Days Till Judgment Day!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!  So goes the children’s fable, and so goes the “prophecy” of one Harold Camping.   Camping predicts the Judgment will happen on May 21st, of this year – that’s TWO DAYS FROM NOW!  … Continue reading

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