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Feast of Corpus Christi

Last Sunday the Feast of Corpus Christi was observed. I could not let this pass without comment, especially after pointing out how the “ordinal” part of the liturgical year is anything but “ordinary!” The Feast of Corpus Christi is recognition … Continue reading

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Baptists In Decline

According to the Florida Baptist Witness, which cites further sources, the Southern Baptists are in decline and have shown four straight years of such decline.  Ironically, while the overall numbers are in decline – the number of Baptist churches in … Continue reading

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You Cannot Have It Both Ways? Well, “BloggerPriest” does give good advice – “Sheep Beware” – but I still have to say it’s too early to openly criticize Fr. Corapi – yes, it is STILL “FR” Corapi – he’s still a priest, he’s just not … Continue reading

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Father Corapi Black Sheep Dog

EWTN Raymond Arroyo interviews National Catholic Register reporter, Joan Frawley Desmond regarding the Fr. Corapi scandal. One point clarified is that, as Fr. Corapi stated himself, “Once a priest, always a priest.”  Fr. Corapi is STILL A PRIEST!  He has … Continue reading

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Eucharistic Flash Mob

This is a very interesting approach to the Flash Mob phenomena!  The CathApol Blog is a portal to the forums hosted by A.C.T.S. the American Catholic Truth Society.

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Does It Matter What You Wear?

Let me begin by saying that I more frequently attend the “Extraordinary Rite of the Mass” (Traditional Latin Rite and hereafter “ER”), but do visit the Novus Ordo Missae (New Order of the Mass), or “Ordinary Rite” (hereafter “OR”) from … Continue reading

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The Black Sheep Dog

After just about exactly 20 years as a well respected Catholic priest and frequent speaker/host on Catholic radio and TV, Fr. Corapi is withdrawing from the public ministry as a priest.  He said he will continue as a “Black Sheep Dog” – … Continue reading

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