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Flipping Cool!

OK, nothing about apologetics in this post… but pardon the pun, this is flipping cool! From what I was reading, this happens frequently, but is seldom caught on video. The CathApol Blog is a portal to the forums hosted by … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the Catholic Church!

Today we celebrate Pentecost – the birth of the Catholic Church!   The Holy Ghost descends upon the Apostles on Pentecost – and as they “went out” and preached, starting with this day, the Lord added to the number of … Continue reading

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Bp. Fellay Sermon

The following is from John Vennari’s site: Bishop Fellay Sermon in ViennaSunday after the Ascension, May 21, 2012 You have surely heard that, in the last few months, Rome has offered us a solution – we could rather say, … Continue reading

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Invocation at Colorado Republican Assembly

Fr. Andrew of St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Centennial, Colorado was invited to lead the opening prayer at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention in the Magness Arena at the University of Denver. The moral challenges facing our … Continue reading

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Laity and Reading Scripture

I responded to Grant with this video, but it doesn’t show up in the combox other than as a link – so I thought I’d post it as a separate message.  The video is about reading Genesis… Grant’s statement was … Continue reading

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Greek priest and his wife. A very good friend of mine posts an article of interest to Eastern Catholics and to Eastern Orthodoxy, which has been having conversations about reuniting with Rome.  My friend is concerned about the Vatican encouraging … Continue reading

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Earthquake in Northern Italy

After visiting Italy in 2010, I have many fond memories.  We did not make it to northern Italy, where this earthquake hit, but my heart and prayers still go out to the victims and their families. The CathApol Blog is … Continue reading

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