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Sexagesima Sunday

Sexagesima Sunday, though not officially recognized by the modern Church, is still traditionally observed in the Extraordinary Rite (Traditional Latin Mass).  It has the literal meaning of 60, as in 60 days before Easter – but it’s actually 56 days.  … Continue reading

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Septuagesima Sunday 2013

Septuagesima Sunday – 3 Sundays before Lent – 9 Sundays before Easter.  The Pre-Lenten Season has begun!  It is time to begin preparing for Lent.  What will your penance be this year?   Septuagesima is representative of “70” in Latin, … Continue reading

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Why go to Confession?

Why must I go to Confession?  Can’t I go directly to God? There are three main reasons why we ought to go to Confession for the forgiveness of our sins.  The first is because it has been set up this … Continue reading

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Catholic Position on Homosexuality

Recently Nathan blogged on this topic, more directly on Homosexuality and Marriage, and a few years ago I also blogged more generally expressing the Catholic position on this subject, citing my sources fairly thoroughly from (Catholic) primary sources.  You can … Continue reading

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The Five Solas (Petillo)

The Five Solas A Response to Petillo By Scott Windsor I am responding to Petillo’s blog, currently located here: The Five Biblical Solas of the Reformation In order to be a true Christian one must believe the five solas of … Continue reading

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Scripture Alone?

Today’s readings reminded me of one of the major problems that most non-Catholic Christians have with their idea that Scripture is to be our final authority in right-Christian living as well as finding out what is to be believed as … Continue reading

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Euthanasia of Twin Brothers

Euthanasia in the Catechism2276 Those whose lives are diminished or weakened deserve special respect. Sick or handicapped persons should be helped to lead lives as normal as possible. 2277 Whatever its motives and means, direct euthanasia consists in putting an … Continue reading

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