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Equality v. Tradition

In this atmosphere of the homosexual community screaming for “equality” we’re seeing even more and more non-homosexual persons standing up for “equal rights” for the homosexuals. ¬†All over Facebook people are changing their profile picture to a red background with … Continue reading

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How Could He?!

Well, he can because, um – he’s POPE!  Contrary to some reports, Pope Francis did not break “Canon Law” in performing the foot washing ceremony on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday).  It is true that this action was contrary to the … Continue reading

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Marriage Meme

With all the “equality” memes on Facebook and elsewhere, we thought we’d offer some which support traditional marriage.  Consider downloading one or more of these and changing your Facebook profile picture to it. / The CathApol Blog is a portal … Continue reading

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New Experiments on the Shroud Show It is from the First Century

For those interested in The Shroud of Turin, like I am, you have got to read about this from the Vatican Insider. Professor Giulio Fanti and journalist Saverio Gaeta have published a book with the results of some chemical and … Continue reading

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Death of Death

The following is a sermon, not my words – not even a Catholic’s words.  As many of you know, I am a former Lutheran, and every so often I happen to be in my car listening to the radio and … Continue reading

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It’s Palm Sunday!

2013 Palm Sunday, Pope Francis Welcome to Palm Sunday! This is the last Sunday in Lent, and begins Holy Week.  If you have been faithful to your Lenten penance, great!  One more week!  If you’ve slipped up, it’s not too … Continue reading

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How are we Saved?

Have you ever been confronted with the question: – If you died today, how sure are you of getting to heaven? Scripture teaches that we are saved through faith alone, yet the Catholic Church teaches a false doctrine of salvation … Continue reading

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