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Eastern Catholics

Catholic Global Network shared this on Facebook.  I know that Scott (Cathapol) has talked about Eastern Catholics before, but I thought this was a good thing for us to remember.  Our Church is truly Catholic (universal) and truly diverse. “Every … Continue reading

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What Catholics Believe, an Introduction

I have been contemplating how to defend our Faith–the Faith passed down from Jesus Christ through the Apostles down to us today.  I contemplate how fellow Christians, those who belong to traditions that have departed from the Church founded by … Continue reading

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Trinity Sunday’s Gift From God

The trinitarian phenomena will be visible for the next few nights.  These are the planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury (from left to right).  They will be “dancing” about each other for the next several nights. The CathApol Blog is a … Continue reading

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Let Us Pray for Memory

As I promised earlier, I am returning to the subject of Pope Francis and the Holy Ghost. Who is the Holy Ghost?  What memory of Him do you have?  On the Monday before Pentecost, the Holy Father set the tone for the … Continue reading

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"Morally Straight"?

Does anyone know of a good boys’ group? The Boy Scouts have now voted to drop “their discriminatory ban” on openly gay boys in scouts.  Even though the Supreme Court voted in 2000 that they, as a private organization, had … Continue reading

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Communion in a non-Catholic Service

Q.  Can Catholics receive communion in a non-Catholic ceremony?     R.     Catholics believe that the Eucharist is a sign of unity.  This is one of the reasons that Protestants can’t ordinarily receive Communion in Catholic churches.  The same holds … Continue reading

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"Ever Ancient, Ever New", Happy Birthday to the Church!

What a wonderful celebration of our Faith and the awesome gift of the Holy Spirit.  We trace the beginning of the one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church to this moment in time. When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they … Continue reading

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