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Advice For Men

Advice to men from a guy who learned those lessons the hard way and lost in marriage.  The only thing he leaves out is the importance of the relationship one has with God.  As cavalier and amazing as Mr. Roger’s … Continue reading

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LIFE In The Womb

Life begins at conception, and this short video – just over 4 minutes long – takes us from conception to birth.  It is absolutely undeniable that once conceived, there is LIFE! How anyone could watch something like this and still … Continue reading

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An On-line Conversation With a Cafeteria Catholic

Charles’, the Cafeteria Catholic, began:The Roman Catholic Church is undergoing its greatest reform. Women will become priests. Priests will be allowed to marry. Homosexuals will be married sacramentally. Children will be conceived through artificial insemination. Masturbation will be recognized as … Continue reading

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facebook (Share Catholic) Meme

 Considering how just how much animosity I’ve encountered from an old friend, an Orthodox layman, and several Protestants lately, not to mention the Liberal media, I found this meme so very appropriate for today. The CathApol Blog is a portal … Continue reading

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Dr. Savage on Freedom of Speech and Churchmen

First of all, to the regular readers here – allow me to apologize in advance for my methodology in this response article.  I am responding to Dr. Savage in the same method he uses on his radio show.  To Dr. … Continue reading

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What’s In A Meme?

We see “memes” all over the place now, but what does “meme” really mean?  Well, originally it was a genetic term coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976 book, The Selfish Gene.   In genetics it means that one thing imitates … Continue reading

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Authority of the Church Outside the Bible?

James Swan A few months ago I was involved in a discussion at Green Baggins (GB) and one of the persons watching there happened to be James Swan.  He commented a couple times there, but unbeknown to me, he also posted … Continue reading

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