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The Original World Cup

World Cup – 2000 years ago… The CathApol Blog is a portal to the forums hosted by A.C.T.S. the American Catholic Truth Society.

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The Principle Movie Announcement

The Principle movie announcement was made on Michael Voris’ “Mic’d Up” program.  Below is a link to the entire webcast – but I’ll pull a spoiler for you here and now.  If you want to watch the clip, fair warning, … Continue reading

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Islamic Prayers at Vatican

Is it true?  Well, yes it is!  Is it a big deal?  Well, it could be if it leads to peace in the region, as it stands right now it was a gathering of heads of state in a garden … Continue reading

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Priests Attacked in Phoenix

At my parish in Phoenix, Mater Misericordiae, the two priests were attacked last night and one of them, Fr. Walker, who was only 28, is dead.  Fr. Terra was injured severely and is in a local hospital.  Please remember both … Continue reading

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What Constitutes an Infallible Definition or Dogma

When is a Catholic teaching MORE than just a teaching and considered an “infallible” teaching or definition?  In a recent discussion here on CathApol with “John” (which comments had to be ended after responses became repetitious) the matter of “dogma” … Continue reading

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Ron Reagan Jr. FFRF Totally Backwards Ron Reagan, Jr. announces that he’s an “unabashed atheist” and “unafraid of burning in hell,” but also erroneously states that the Founding Fathers (of the USA) were supportive of “freedom FROM religion” (emphasis added).  Sorry Mr. Reagan, but the … Continue reading

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Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis Pray with Peres and Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Pope Francis,  Israeli President Shimon Peres and Patriarch Bartholomew I  at the Invocation for Peace in the Vatican Gardens June 8.  Credit: Alan Holdren / CNA. Pope Francis with Patriarch Bartholomew praying for peace in a … Continue reading

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