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Psalm 23 As Cute As Can Be!

I can’t wait to hear my grand-babies doing something like this! The CathApol Blog is a portal to the forums hosted by A.C.T.S. the American Catholic Truth Society. Advertisements

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Why Was Luther Wrong Part 5 – The Papacy

Pope Leo X This is a continuing project reflecting upon Exsurge Domini – where Pope Leo X declared the Errors of Martin Luther.  This section deals with the papacy.  25. The Roman Pontiff, the successor of Peter, is not the … Continue reading

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Why Was Luther Wrong Part 4 – Excommunication

In this section, we begin with Luther’s errors as delimited in exsurge domini concerning excommunication. 23. Excommunications are only external penalties and they do not deprive man of the common spiritual prayers of the Church. To state an excommunication is … Continue reading

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The Principle Movie Opens October 24

Should we be talking about this?  To me it sounds very intriguing.  Robert Sungenis appears to be promoting not so much literal geocentric paradigm, where everything revolves around the Earth, but rather that the Earth holds a special place in … Continue reading

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ACTS Gets a Facelift!

Well, it’s been at least a couple years since ACTS has had a “new look” so, Scott has been working on one for the last couple weeks and has uploaded it now.  Take a look!  Let him know what you … Continue reading

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The Relatio or Family Synod

The extraordinary synod on the family has concluded and the final report centers upon what the synod was supposed to and did center upon – the family.  It especially spoke of concern for children in tough family situations.  It encourages … Continue reading

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Homosexual Community Claims Church Backtracked

Or so goes the report from The Guardian.  Did the Church really backtrack?  No, she did not!  Come on folks!  This “synod” is a pastoral gathering – it is not a dogmatic or doctrinal council.  There would be no new … Continue reading

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