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Quadragesima – The Forty Days

A term we may not hear often is that of Quadragesima – which is the Latin name for the forty days of Lent.  Today (Sunday) is not counted in the Quadragesima – since all Sundays are solemnities, and we are … Continue reading

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Best Lent Ever!

What did you give up for Lent?  You haven’t yet?  You’ve already messed up?  Well, it’s not too late!  Yes, Lent began on Ash Wednesday, but it’s never too late to join in the penance!  An alternative to “giving something … Continue reading

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Carnival The Time to Put Away the Flesh

With Fat Tuesday right around the corner, the Feast of Carnival is upon us.  This is an unofficial feast in Catholic countries and localities.  One of the most well known is the Mardi Gras of New Orleans.  The original purpose … Continue reading

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Catholic In Good Standing?

On a discussion board elsewhere a person I was debating with claims he is a Catholic in good standing with the Church.  I found that rather curious, as this person obstinately denies SEVERAL dogmatically defined (infallible) teachings of the Catholic … Continue reading

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Quinquagesima Sunday

Latin for “50 days” – we’re quickly approaching the season of Lent!  This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and so begins Lent 2015.  Lent is actually 40 days which symbolize the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert in fasting … Continue reading

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Sexagesima Sunday

Today is Sexagesima Sunday!  The name is representative of “60 Days” before Easter.  It doesn’t work out to 60 days, but close.  What this really means is Lent is quickly approaching!  Next Sunday is Quinquagesima Sunday (50 days), which is … Continue reading

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Auschwitz – Never Again!

As the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz passes – let the memory of the horrors there never be forgotten.  While Nazi death camps were the demise of millions of Jews, many Catholics and political prisoners of other persuasions … Continue reading

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