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Questions for Catholics – Part 3 – Purgatory

In this section Prasch challenges the concept of Purgatory and erroneously attributes the Deuterocanonicals (which he, like many other non-Catholics, calls “Apocrypha”) to the “Middle Ages,” but we’ll get to that in a moment.  Let us begin this response where … Continue reading

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Questions for Catholics – Part 2 – Questions of Co-

As a continuation of the “Questions for Catholics” series, which are in response to the Moriel Ministries, Jacob Prasch website this section we will answer to the questions of “Co-” which Moriel/Prasch has put forth.   We are told in … Continue reading

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Questions For Catholics Part 1

With a little prompting from my priest, I am beginning a series of responses to Moriel Ministries which has presented “Five Questions for Catholics,” however the article title says the number is thirty-three and perhaps through secondary questions they reach … Continue reading

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Traditional Latin Mass in Pictures

My wife ran across these pictures, so I made a slideshow and added Gregorian chant, I hope you like and share with your friends! Click one or more of the “share” buttons! The CathApol Blog is a portal to the … Continue reading

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St Pauls Three Encounters with Christ

Dr. Taylor Marshall has presented an interesting article, which I echo here in its entirety, links and all… Paul’s Three Encounters with Christ Jesus in Acts By Dr. Taylor Marshall The Acts of the Apostles record that Paul received three … Continue reading

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In Your Face

Allegedly, the White House plans an “in your face” guest list for Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the USA.  Supposedly a transvestite, a pro-abortion nun and a pro-homosexual marriage priest will be among the guests.  Also, it is said the … Continue reading

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Hard Truths

Truths that are hard to hear We can all struggle at times to listen to someone if what they say arouses painful emotions in us. They might be trying to tell us something about ourselves that we find difficult to … Continue reading

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