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Questions for Catholics – Part 6 – Doctrine of Demons?

Let me begin by saying that this subject is not really a matter of Catholic apologetics.  It is NOT Catholic teaching to be part of and/or endorse the sex crimes which SOME priests were involved in.  There is no excuse … Continue reading

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Summary of Responses to Lester Alberque

The “Community” section of BeliefNet went “read only” as of today.  I was hoping it was at the end of the day so I could post my final responses there – but it has already happened, so I will post … Continue reading

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IHH Asks About Retaining Sins

IHH Asked me:  Without going into a line by line response, you could answer this:  What is your view of retaining sins? Scott replies:   My view is exactly what John records in John 20:23, “Those sins” which THEY retain, … Continue reading

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Buggsy’s Genesis Account

Buggsy wrote: The Garden of Eden is the story of human conception with the expulsion from the Garden being the story of human birth into the world of moral conflict and dualities.  We are the characters (right here and now) … Continue reading

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Questions for Catholics – Part 5 – The Eucharist and John 6

For this section, Mr. Prasch asks about John 6 and the Eucharist and challenges that he has yet to have a priest be able to answer him and “perhaps you can?”  I hope Mr. Prasch did not mean that rhetorically … Continue reading

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Questions for Catholics – Part 4 – The Rock

For this section we will be dealing with Prasch’s questions on the “Rock.” The second question I would like to ask is this one: I was always told in Catholic schools and by my mother that Peter was “the rock”. … Continue reading

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SSPX and the Final Jubilee Year

Confessions at SSPX chapels, worldwide, are not only valid but completely licit!  Well, for the Jubilee Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis.  The Jubilee Year will begin on December 8, 2015 and last until November 20, 2016. Interesting prophecies … Continue reading

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