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Mother Angelica – May She Rest in Peace

I recall my early days as a Catholic and when we moved to the Prescott area, no regular TV, however we had a 10 foot satellite dish in the backyard, but no descrambler – one of the few things we … Continue reading

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Taking White to Task

In an “All Roman” edition of James White’s Dividing Line program, as you can probably guess, White makes a number of faux pas comments. 1) White starts with making note of the controversy between Pope Francis and Donald Trump.  In … Continue reading

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Catholic Priest Crucified and Easter Bombing

Fr. Thomas Uzhunnalil crucified by ISIS on Good Friday?  NOT CONFIRMED! Kidnapped on March 4th, ISIS reportedly stated that they planned to crucify him on Good Friday.  Such a horrible death, but does ISIS not realize they have made … Continue reading

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Communion of Saints, pt2

What would be the point of asking for intercessory prayers if the people we are asking are not aware of us or of our prayers?  Well we can find that they ARE aware of us in: Heb 12:1         “Therefore, since … Continue reading

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What Is Different About This Night?

That is the question traditionally asked by the youngest child in a Jewish family as they prepare for the Seder.  What is the Seder?  It is a remembrance mandated by God that His People remember the Passover – which brought … Continue reading

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Is Sterilization Acceptable?

I had a nice exchange with 2 of my co-workers last the other day.  Someway or another our conversation turned to pregnancies and what people can do to avoid them.  One co-worker is a non-practicing, nominal Catholic and the other … Continue reading

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Infallibility – A Challenge?

Recently, on Triablogue, John Bugay posted a query using Hans Küng as his primary source for challenging infallibility – as if a dissident “theologian” is a good place to start from.  I guess from a Protestant perspective, a dissident Catholic … Continue reading

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