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Christmas A Converted Pagan Holiday?

On this, the Second Day of Christmas (Dec. 26th)… the Date of Christmas Discussion is revisited… This article is in follow-up to one I posted back in 2007:  Calculating Christmas (an article I reposted from Touchstone Magazine, Tighe, 2003). This … Continue reading

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Do We Wish Peace on All?

Do we wish peace on all mankind, even those who would kill and/or otherwise harm us?  We’ve all seen the “Christmas cards” with the phrase, “Peace on earth, goodwill to men.” But, is that what Scripture REALLY says?  Let’s take … Continue reading

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Christmas Has Begun!

Advent is over and the Season of the Christ Mass is upon us!  Don’t go tearing down your tree, ornaments and lights just yet!  Christmas has JUST BEGUN!  Traditionally Christmas lasts until at least Epiphany, January 6th, which is the … Continue reading

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The Feast of Santa Claus

OK, no, not THAT Santa Claus!  However, even though highly commercialized, the Santa image from early Coca-Cola advertisements and even the name “Santa Claus” is based in the name of the REAL Santa Claus, St. Nicholas of Myra.   It … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

You might think it strange to have such a sign welcoming in the New Year, but this is exactly what we find in the Gospel readings for the First Sunday in Advent – which marks the New Year, liturgically speaking. … Continue reading

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Quirinius and the Census – Was Luke Wrong?

For quite some time now critics of biblical inerrancy point to Luke’s accounting of the Nativity Narrative and state that “If Herod was alive, Quirinius was not governor of Syria.”  They base most of this upon Josephus, but if you … Continue reading

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Do Matthew and Luke Contradict on the Infancy Narrative?

Recently I’ve been involved in some discussions on “Beliefnet” in the “Discuss Catholicism” forum.  I was invited to answer claims of an anti-Catholic who is under moderation in the Catholic Debate Forum – (his belief is that I could not … Continue reading

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