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Sola Scriptura Revisited (presentation of a 5 part series by James White posted by John Samson). SW: In listening to White’s recent presentation he does cover many things we’ve already discussed here on the CathApol Blog – and he freely admits, much … Continue reading

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Gospel of Grace

I had been engaged in a discussion with John Samson from the “Reformation Theology Blog” and he responded to me with a link to an audio-made-into-video, by Dr. John MacArthur: Hi Scott,Dr. John Macarthur (sic) shows the massive difference between a … Continue reading

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More On the Five Solas

A blogger by the name of John Samson posted the following article.  He and I have had a bit of an exchange going on at his blog, but this is too large for a combox reply, so I am replying … Continue reading

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