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In Your Face

Allegedly, the White House plans an “in your face” guest list for Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the USA. ¬†Supposedly a transvestite, a pro-abortion nun and a pro-homosexual marriage priest will be among the guests. ¬†Also, it is said the … Continue reading

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Change We Can Believe In

I posted this once before, but didn’t go with the political spin on it – so I thought I’d post it again and let your mind go on with what it means – both spiritually and politically.  Of course, the … Continue reading

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President Obama and Morals

When we see pictures subtitled like the one in Newsweek we have to call into question the moral picture the President of the United States is putting forth on the American people. Then, when we have the President making June … Continue reading

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"We will not comply…"

Bishop Slattery of Tulsa’s message on the heathcare mandate. For anyone who wants to see (or hear) what the Bishops are saying, go to Fr. Z’s blog for updates. The CathApol Blog is a portal to the forums hosted by … Continue reading

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Bishop Olmsted Urges All Catholics to Oppose Rule

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoenix has become one of the first Roman Catholic bishops in the nation to openly defy the Obama administration over new rules forcing employers to include access to contraceptives and sterilization procedures in health-insurance coverage.Although … Continue reading

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Fr John on ND Scandal

I no longer reside in Tempe, but when we did we frequented Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Periodically I like to check back and see what Fr. Bonavitacola has to say. This week he posted a letter concerning President Obama’s … Continue reading

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Obama at Georgetown

What is with Catholic universities bowing to pro-abortion President Obama?The above picture shows the stage for Georgetown University. The next picture shows the same set with President Obama speaking… Why was the Obama administration insistent upon the hiding of IHS, … Continue reading

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