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They Were Warned

It must be recognized that the errors of Luther began before he nailed the 95 Theses to the door of the Catholic Church in Wittenberg, but it is that date, October 31, 1517 which is remembered by Protestants as the … Continue reading

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Christian Unity

In this week’s leaflet I thought I’d reflect on John 17 which was last Sunday’s Gospel reading.  The reading was pointing out Jesus’ prayer of unity for all believers in Him.  Namely that we all be “one as [Jesus and … Continue reading

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Chicken Parmesan Church

Chicken Parmesan I wrote this some time ago after an interesting discussion with a protestant friend.  I read the menu for a formal dinner to which I’d been invited.  One of the three options for the entree was Chicken Parmesan.  … Continue reading

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Answering a non-Catholic Objection

Non-Catholic “Roger” states: You have never proven through Scripture that the RCC has anything to do with the Church that Jesus started. All that you have given is one assumption based upon other assumptions – that lead you to a … Continue reading

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Charity Covers A Multitude of Sins

Today is the Sunday After the Ascension as celebrated by the Extraordinary Rite (Traditional Latin Rite) of the Catholic Church.  The Epistle reading got me thinking about my Protestant/Separated Brethren again.  Let’s read it… I Peter 4: 7-11Dearly beloved, Be … Continue reading

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