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Romanism and Bigotry

Recently the discussion of the use of the terms “Romanist,” “Romish” and “Romanism” have been discussed here and elsewhere.  Several non-Catholic bloggers joined in to object to Dr. Beckwith’s blog entry on the subject, including myself.  Many Catholics have used … Continue reading

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White Roman Catholic II

White on “Roman” Catholicism (continued)… Below I have captured White’s blog, which I will put into boxes and then offer my responses to what he says. 11/01/2009 – James White In a comment left on James Swan’s blog (and then … Continue reading

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Roman Catholicism and James White

It has been quite a while since I responded to one of James White’s articles, but this one caught my eye and I felt I could not let it pass: Why “Roman Catholic” is Accurate, and Merely “Catholic” is Not … Continue reading

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