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What Does Baptism Do

What does baptism do?  We know through Scripture that baptism makes us members of the Body of Christ.   “For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free persons, and we were … Continue reading

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Ten Areas of Deception of Catholics Part IV

I have now dealt with five of the “Ten Areas of Deception” in my previous three posts: Part I, dealt with the first 2 “deceptions”, Part II dealt with the third “deception, followed by Part III dealt with some of … Continue reading

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Taking White to Task

In an “All Roman” edition of James White’s Dividing Line program, as you can probably guess, White makes a number of faux pas comments. 1) White starts with making note of the controversy between Pope Francis and Donald Trump.  In … Continue reading

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Who Can Forgive Sins?

In response to an earlier posting about Steve Finnel, a David Smith asks a direct question which deserves an answer.  I am posting his response to a new article so that it won’t be under automatic moderation.  Your comments accepted … Continue reading

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Rob Zins on Catholic Plan of Salvation

Former Catholic, Rob Zins, has established a “ministry” for Catholics which he calls “A Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism” (CWRC).  In this article I will examine an article Mr. Zins published which allegedly portrays the Catholic plan of salvation.  Zins’ … Continue reading

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Who Cleanses Us From Sin? (Petillo Part 1)

Petillo, in another article posted Thursday, October 11, 2012, goes on about the cleansing from sin and, though he does not mention the name, “Purgatory” as well.  Whereas his article is relatively short and a comment response on his blog … Continue reading

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Why Must We Confess to a Priest?

Often we (Catholics) get asked about why we believe we must confess our sins to a priest instead of a general confession, as many/most Protestants use.  The fact of the matter is the general or public confession is something Protestantism … Continue reading

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