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Slogan Salvation

All to often we hear statements from our challengers which are more like slogans. Slogans are fine to get one to think about the deeper message of the slogan – but all too often we find in apologetics, especially among … Continue reading

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Faith Without Works

So what good is it if one has faith but has no works?  Now, we can all agree that faith is an indispensable ingredient to attain salvation, to be saved, but is faith alone for salvation the teaching of Scripture … Continue reading

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Works Part of Salvation Process?

Are we justified by faith alone, works alone or a combination of the two? What do the Holy Scriptures alone have to say about the subject? This idea that all truths of Christian right-living is found in Scripture through a … Continue reading

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What Catholics Believe – Faith and Works

I was recently asked about Catholics and the necessity of “works” in the Catholic Faith, so I gathered together several articles on the subject… Catholics fully recognize that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for their sins and thus “opened … Continue reading

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Faith vs Works

Let’s look at verses that many Protestants use to make their case of Sola Fide, the doctrine of salvation through faith alone as compared to passages that seem to suggest that salvation is found through works alone. Galatians 3:11 “Clearly … Continue reading

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Pick up your Cross

Pick up your Cross In verse 14 of the second chapter of James we find him asking the rhetorical question that if someone has faith but does not have works can that faith save him?  Of course the implied answer is … Continue reading

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A Vote For Evil?

Catholic voters cannot support any candidate whose position is intrinsically evil.  Baltimore’s Archbishop Lori preached recently.  Anyone who supports abortion is supporting murder, an intrinsic evil and no Catholic can, in good conscience or in good faith, vote for such … Continue reading

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