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Reformers on Mary

I believe I am finished with the “Reformers on Mary” page.  I need to restore my shortcuts to upload it to my webpage, but I have updated the blog entry (from January) to reflect the (hopefully) final changes: I … Continue reading

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Sexagesima Sunday

Sexagesima Sunday – The Second Sunday Before Lent Last week started the Sundays before Lent, Septuagesima Sunday, which is 7 weeks prior to Easter.  This week marks the 2nd Sunday before Lent and 6 Sundays prior to Easter.  The Epistle … Continue reading

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Eucharistic Miracle at Sienna

In the 18th century, while preparing for the Feast of the Assumption, there was a lot of Hosts preconsecrated for the celebration.  Then, on the vigil of the Assumption, August 14, 1730, thieves broke into the Church of St. Francis, … Continue reading

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Christianity Prior to the 16th Century

Since I responded to Dominic Bnonn-Tennant’s article which was basically a tag-a-long to the one below, I figured I should respond to this one as well. A Catholic correspondent emailed me after reading my recent ‘Fallout’ article: I am genuinely … Continue reading

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Nicene Creed and the word Catholic

I have added a new post to my blog on blogspot.  This is my first jump back into apologetics since the death of my lovely daughter, forever 22 years young.  That post is in response to Dominic Bnonn-Tennant on the … Continue reading

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Catholic in Nicene Creed

In my first ponderings of apologetics since the death of my daughter, I stumbled across the following article which “Matthew” linked to on BeggarsAll and I followed it to the original author’s site.  My response will be too big for … Continue reading

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Thank You

I wish to thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.  I must say, this has been the hardest 3 weeks of my life.  I got a whole new appreciation for Our Lady of Sorrows.  As I sat there in … Continue reading

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