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The Filioque

Many Eastern Orthodox will try to tell us that we are heretics due to “The Filioque” in the Nicene Creed, which “filioque” means “and the Son” in speaking of the procession of the Holy Ghost.  The original wording of the … Continue reading

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Women Priest?

A woman was “ordained” to the priesthood of the Catholic Church, supposedly, by a dissident group last Saturday.  However, this dissident group has no authority to do this – not as a “Catholic,” and the “church” they did this in … Continue reading

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St. Catherine of Siena

Saint and Doctor of the Catholic Church, St. Catherine of Siena is one of the great Saints of the Catholic Church.  April 29th is her feast day, which is the anniversary of her death in 1380 at the young age … Continue reading

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Answering a non-Catholic Objection

Non-Catholic “Roger” states: You have never proven through Scripture that the RCC has anything to do with the Church that Jesus started. All that you have given is one assumption based upon other assumptions – that lead you to a … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, Jesus Not Found Outside the Church

Pope Francis said that people cannot be fully united to Jesus outside of the Church during a Mass to commemorate Saint George, the saint he is named after. “You cannot find Jesus outside the Church,” he said April 23 in … Continue reading

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Remember – ALL FRIDAYS

Well, Lent is over (for the Latin Church, it’s still going on for the Eastern Orthodox) so many/most Catholics have likely gone back to eating meat on Fridays – AND – are not offering up any other “equivalent” penance in … Continue reading

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Happy 90th Birthday Mother Angelica!

I sure miss seeing her every week! The CathApol Blog is a portal to the forums hosted by A.C.T.S. the American Catholic Truth Society.

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