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Luther Consorting With the Devil?

Earlier this year (when I was a bit pre-occupied with the passing of my daughter) James Swan wrote an article allegedly “Helping Catholic Answers with a Luther Quote.”  Swan dismisses the CA (and Fr. O’Hare) criticism by saying: “Our friend … Continue reading

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Confession and Priests

I thought I might chime in with Scott’s theme on confession.  “Confess your sins in church, and do not go up to your prayer with an evil conscience. This is the way of life. . . , On the Lord’s … Continue reading

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Why Must We Confess to a Priest?

Often we (Catholics) get asked about why we believe we must confess our sins to a priest instead of a general confession, as many/most Protestants use.  The fact of the matter is the general or public confession is something Protestantism … Continue reading

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The Most Important Question For Life

Falling back on my Lutheran roots, often when I need to pick up my wife from work on a Sunday morning, it coincides with the broadcast of The Lutheran Hour in our area, so I give it a listen.  This … Continue reading

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Blessing of the Bell

On the Feast of the Assumption the new church bell was blessed at our chapel! The ringing of the bell from here on out brings the grace of a sacramental to all who hear it and are properly disposed to … Continue reading

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The Latest on Father Corapi – The Black Sheep Dog

Father Corapi, and I can’t help still calling him that – for “once a priest, always a priest…” still lingers in my head, appears to be “moving on” from messages all about himself.  I consider that a good thing!  He … Continue reading

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Recap of NFP Discussion

Someone asked for the URL to read the whole dialog regarding cathmom5’s comments and my support of her.  Well, there was no single URL so I am making one (long) article to recap the discussion which started with an article … Continue reading

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